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          Pearl Trade


          Pearl International Trade Co., Ltd., is engaged in import and export trade of professional foreign trade companies, to carry out domestic and foreign trade, Sino foreign joint ventures, cooperative production, entrepot trade business.
          Mainly engaged in all kinds of chemical raw materials, plastic resin, silica gel, dyes and additives, pigments and intermediates, rubber products, chemical reagent, rare earth products, chemical machinery, pesticides, plastic sheeting materials, metals, minerals, agricultural and sideline products, office and home appliances, computer and peripheral equipment, knitwear and textile, auto parts, Department, arts and crafts, leather, construction materials, electronic products, wood, bamboo and wood products, clothing and other products import and export business.
          At present the increasing size of the company trade, customers all over the world, with a good reputation has been the trust of customers at home and abroad, to promote the modernization of our country, and promote world economic and technological exchanges and enhance the friendship with the people of all countries to make a lot of positive work.
          We warmly hope: you and I work together to create a better future!

          Tel:(+86)0631-6289789  FAX:(+86)0631-6289777
          Mob:18663161992   E-mail:info@pearlsilica.com
          Add:240 Qingshan North Road, Rushan City, Weihai, Shandong Province

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