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          Column layer chromatography silica gel


          Column layer chromatography silica gel
          brief introduction
          The column layer chromatography silica gel selects the high quality silica gel as the raw material processing to make. The main characteristic is that the difference of retention time can be achieved by the adsorption and retention time of different components in the mixture.
          Column chromatography silica gel is white uniform particles, the main component is silica. The characteristics of high purity, safety and health.
          It is characteristic of solid colloidal system, composed of colloid particle aggregation structure. The colloid particle is a condensed matter of silica gel (silica), which is an amorphous substance. Gap forming agent column chromatography silica gel particle internal micro pore structure. Therefore, it is a kind of high specific surface area, high specific surface area, Gao Chundu, high activity and high quality adsorption material.
          The main performance characteristics of the reagent column layer chromatography silica gel adsorption characteristics are determined by the structure of the pore structure and the surface of the inner pore formed during the process of the silica gel production.
          Silica gel layer chromatography column for the separation of active ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine purification, high purity material preparation, petroleum products refined, organic matter of dehydration, column layer chromatography silica gel in the biological engineering technology application to highlight the advantages.
          In the production process of raw materials, strict control of the acid bubble and aging time, and take high temperature calcination technology, so silica gel layer chromatography column with rigid skeleton structure, high mechanical strength, can tolerate less than 30MPa pressure. The column layer chromatography silica gel has good thermal stability and chemical stability, and is selectively absorbed and purified from the multicomponent solution. In preparative column chromatography silica gel process, by controlling the different process conditions of production a series of products of average pore size of 20a degrees -20000A degrees in order to adapt to different properties, molecular weight and molecular structure of the material separation and purification. Column chromatography silica gel purity of up to 99% or more, compared with the organic column filler, silica gel as a solid SiO2 matrix of the colloid, the structure is compact, even if the direct loss of organic matter and the pollution of the target product.
          [product introduction]
          Column chromatography silica gel is white uniform particles, with high quality silica as raw material, the main component is silicon dioxide. The main characteristic is that it can achieve the purpose of separation and purification by the difference of the time of adsorption of different components in the mixture.
          [product use]
          1. Column chromatography silica gel for the separation and purification of the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine and the preparation of high purity substances;
          2, the purification of petroleum products, selective adsorption of organic gas liquid separation;
          3, as a catalyst carrier, chromatographic support.
          [technical indicators]


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