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          Environmental friendly Silica gel cat litter & litter box suit


          Product: Environmental friendly Silica gel cat litter & litter box suit

          Material: cat litter is made with silicon dioxide; the litter box is made of bagasse.

          Size: 49(L)*33.5(W)*10(H) cm

          Package: 4L cat litter/box, 8boxes/carton

          Box color: the litter box can be provided in different color by adding edible pigment.


          1.       Compared to traditional cat litter box, this box is made of bagasse, it is environmental friendly and biodegradable.

          2.       After finish the use of cat litter, the customer can throw the whole suit to the trash receptacle. People will directly open a new suit, rather than clean old plastic litter box before changing new one. Save time and save energy.

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