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          White cat litter


          【Product Introduction】

          Silicone cat litter is also called crystal cat litter. It is a new and ideal pet litter cleaner. It has the incomparable characteristics of cat litter such as clay. The use of silica gel as cat litter is a major change in the cat litter industry in recent years.

          White cat litter is the basic cat litter without any other substances.

          The main ingredient is silicon dioxide, which can quickly absorb the fluids in the urine and feces of the pet and the peculiar smell of the product, and can be kept dry, non-toxic and pollution-free. It is a green and environmentally friendly product for household use. The product is light in weight and low in breakage. It is a popular cat litter product in the international market today.

          【Product Features】

          1. Powerful deodorization. It can hold the odor in urine or feces tightly without emitting it, and keep the air in your room fresh and odor-free.

          2. Super fast moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the water in the urine and feces discharged by the pet in a very short time; the moisture absorption can reach more than 80% of its own weight while still maintaining a dry appearance.

          3. Lasting effect. 3.8L/bag of cat litter can be used by a cat for more than one month.

          4. Strong antibacterial. Because the litter box is dry, the growth of bacteria is reduced. If you use antibacterial cat litter, it also has a sterilization effect.

          5. Easy to handle. Silica gel cat litter does not agglomerate, leaves no marks, has no dust, has a light specific gravity, and has a small amount of garbage. It can be disposed of as ordinary garbage; it is convenient and safe to use at home.

          【Usage and Dosage】

          1. Spread a layer of cat litter with a thickness of about 1.5 inches in a clean cat litter box, and regularly clean up the garbage generated after use to keep it clean; if there are multiple cats, the cycle of replacing cat litter can be shortened proportionally. Don't put too much cat litter in the litter box.

          2. The saturated cat litter should be removed from the box with a spoon in time.

             Ways to extend the use time of cat litter:

             1) When using, the litter box should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

             2) When not in use, the cat litter should be placed in a dry place.

          3. It is recommended to use a bag of 3.8L cat litter: one cat, one month; two cats, about 15 days.

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