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Fine Toon!

Fine Toon transforms images of real faces into cartoons.
You can try it out on some sample photos, or upload your own photos to see what you and your friends would look like as toons!
Give it a try! Select a photo, then click the 'Fine Toon It' button.
(Want a watermark-free result? )

FineToon Help

You can remove the image watermarks with a FineToon license, available here.

FineToon uses a deep neural network that learned to draw caricatures by observing many thousands of human and cartoon images. Check out this video for more details.

Here are some tips for getting the best results:
Acknowledgements: FineToon makes heavy use of the great StyleGAN2 and StyleGAN2-ADA projects. It also uses the heic2any library to load HEIC-format images.

Images that you upload to FineToon are not stored or sold or used for any purpose other than creating the cartoon result.

If you have any problems, feedback or suggestions, please contact us at:

Happy Tooning!